Dr Hiral Patel

Welsh School of Architecture

Cardiff University


My current research and teaching aims to better understands clients and users of built environment. I am interested in themes of learning, socio-material practices, holistic building performance and adaptation of buildings.

Having trained as an architect from India and practiced in the UK, my work has spanned from research, developing business processes, managing projects to technical building design. I have also provided programme management consultancy to higher education clients.

My PhD research theorises the practices of adapting academic library buildings. Based on this research, my consultancy for Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF) to identified research themes for future learning environments in the higher education sector. We also designed a framework to better align learning spaces with curriculum.

I am currently undertaking a ESRC Impact Accelerator project with leading architectural practices in the UK. In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, the project aims to develop new ways of designing higher education spaces and co-create a research agenda for the future lifelong learning spaces.

My research around the DEGW archive explores the linkages between organisational practices and the built environment to help understand the changing nature of ‘work’. Building on this project, I am particularly interested in developing the methodology of curating exhibitions as part of the research process.

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