Time: 09:00 - 10:00

Date: On-Demand Content


Adopting Best Practice from WELL to create the healthiest Biophilic environments for learning: Robert Hopkins, Regional Director, AHR

Commissioned in 2017, The Spine in Liverpool is set to become the new northern home of the Royal College of Physicians. The values of the college closely consider the health and wellbeing of people and this has been reflected in the new building through a design to achieve WELL Platinum accreditation. Our talk will explore the unique approach to the building design, which stands amongst only a handful of WELL Platinum designed buildings globally, and how the requirements of WELL have been integrated to ensure it will be one of the healthiest working and learning environments in the UK.

Towards the inclusive campus? Dr Jos Boys, Bartlett Real Estate Institute, UCL

This presentation explores key challenges for educational estates in improving access to, and inclusion in, university learning spaces. It does so by engaging with a diverse range of scholarship that is offering approaches and methods for improving access and inclusion, and connecting academic critique across feminism, disability and critical race studies to the practicalities of buildings and services. What kinds of spaces support our many different ways of being and learning in the world, and how can campus planners and estates departments provide a variety of alternative ‘places-to-be’ in resource effective ways?

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