Project Showcase: A Satellite University in Costa Rica

Time: 16:00 - 16:45

Date: Week 1: 25-29 January


About Texas Tech University’s Satellite Campus (Costa Rica):

Texas Tech University’s Costa Rica campus (TTU-CR) brings the academic resources of a major, research-intensive U.S. university to a satellite location in Latin America with the goal of broadening their reach to areas outside the USA. This project was designed by members of Education Design International in collaboration with educational minds from Texas Tech University and the local expertise of a developer and architect based in Costa Rica.

At the university’s urban campus in San José, students benefit from comprehensive academic and student life experiences. TTU-CR puts its graduates on the path to be leaders who can build the economy of Costa Rica and the greater Caribbean basin. Graduates are prepared to compete globally through academic and co-curricular programs that are accessible and, for regional students, less expensive than relocating to the USA for an equivalent educational experience. Moreover, through executive education and applied research, Texas Tech University’s engagement in the region amplifies and expands Costa Rica’s identity as a regional hub for industry, R&D, and services.

Join us for this session to learn about the design and planning process of this unique University and to discover how the learning environment was designed to be flexible with multiple disciplines and courses evolving over time to meet the needs and interests of its Latin American demographic.


  • Louis Sirota Director of Design - Education Design International

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