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Solent Sports Complex; Bringing elite sport, specialist curricula and community wellbeing to the heart of an urban campus: Jo DeSyllas, Associate Director, ArchitecturePLB & Martin Nailor, Southampton Solent University

The new Solent Sports Complex is the catalyst for a £100 million estates development plan transforming Solent University’s East Park Terrace campus. The complex has been designed to play a key role in opening-up the urban campus by attracting a wide range of users including elite sports professionals, staff, students and the local community. The provision of specialist facilities, including an elite basketball court, one of only a few the country is contributing to enhancing the University’s reputation and opening up new funding streams. Alongside specialist sports, the complex’s recreational facilities are a vital part of the University’s wellbeing provision.

Sustainable development – reusing and regenerating existing buildings for flexible teaching space: Natalie Sarabia-Johnston, Founder and Director, Southgate & Sarabia Architects

Sustainability is still a hot topic, with ever increasing needs to provide the best education facilities in the most sustainable and efficient way.  I would like to discuss how two derelict, grade 2 listed mill building complexes, have not only been developed to provided flexible teaching space, but they have been the catalyst for regeneration on two difficult development sites, in Nelson and Burnley.

Optimising social value in higher education: How do we maximise social value and measure social impact through a smarter campus? Jon Roylance, Higher Education Sector Lead, ADP

ADP’s new ‘Third Space’ concept has been developed to help university client’s explore space types and facilities that answer the question: What do students and staff benefit from being physically present on a campus, and how can we create new spaces tailored to enhance that experience? Our Third Space explores differing learning pedagogy and social connections in six themed areas, both indoors and outdoors. Those themes are underpinned by ADP’s new social value measurement tool engraining sustainability, belonging, and engagement into the design of our Third Space concept.

Chair: Paul Turpin – IBI Group

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