The Journey to Net Zero – Identifying and addressing the key challenges

Time: 14:00 - 14:45

Date: Week 2: 1-5 February


Like much of society the world of Higher Education has been focused in the last year on the impacts of the pandemic, but during this period the climate emergency hasn’t paused. Until now the Higher Education sector has been a leader in the drive to net zero, often setting more ambitious targets than the 2050 date set by government. The University of London has established 2036 as their net zero target: a date that aligns with the University’s 200th birthday. The talk will start with Matthew looking back at the University of London’s successes to-date before looking forward to what are the key challenges in achieving the University’s net zero target. John will then focus the debate on the accelerators that can assist universities in meeting these challenges, highlighting tools and methodologies to facilitate the tasks.



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