Sponsor: HLM Architects

For over twenty years HLM Architects has been designing award winning higher education projects that respond to increasing student expectations, changing learning pedagogies and new technologies. Fundamental to all these projects is our belief that education architecture has the ability to inspire and nurture individuals and be the backdrop to life-long experiences.  

Our knowledge and expertise is applied to all scales of projects from new strategies for student living that support health and wellbeing to small scale learning spaces that embrace active learning approaches, zero carbon designs that help achieve sustainability targets, modernising historic buildings and working with estates teams to shape the strategic development of campuses.

Thoughtful design and the desire to make spaces that improve lives, sits at the heart of every discipline within HLM Architects.

Our research and thought leadership helps us to inform briefs, challenge expectations and fully realise our clients visions, creating innovative, forward looking learning environments. To do this we have developed bespoke tools for stakeholder engagement, design development and post occupancy evaluation, we are leading the way in offsite construction with our Think: Offsite First initiative and have in-house sustainability advisors providing a comprehensive, design-led, integrated sustainability consultancy.

We are committed to ensuring better places for people and to support this we have created our ‘Thoughtful Design Toolkit’, a suite of three digital tools which help clients and designers to define, develop and assess their building projects in an evidence-based way.